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We recently conducted a research study to understand why Tanzanians are not paying local taxes. The study was done in 8 geographically balanced districts including Babati Town Council, Kasulu District Council, Kilolo District Council, Mpwapwa District Council, Mtama District Council, Mwanza City Council, Singida District Council, and Temeke Municipal Council. We spoke with local government authorities and taxpayers to identify the challenges faced in tax collection. Download Here

We conducted a study about the work of internal auditors at the local government level. In simple terms, an auditor is someone who checks if things are done correctly to avoid record-keeping errors, waste, and misuse of resources. Without strong internal auditors, an organization will struggle to achieve its objectives Download here

Leo tarehe 14/05/2019 Chama cha Madaktari Tanzania (MAT) na taasisi ya Sikika wamekutana na Katibu Mkuu wa CCM, Dk. Bashiru Ally ofisini kwake Dodoma. MAT iliwakilishwa na rais wake Dk. Elisha Osati na Sikika iliwakilishwa na Mkurugenzi wake Mtendaji Bw. Irenei Kiria. Download Here

Sikika inaipongeza Serikali kwa kuajiri watoa huduma za afya nchini kwa lengo la kupunguza  uhaba wa watumishi...Download Here

This statement has been prepared by a number of NGOs working in the health sector at the national and local level on policy, advocacy and health delivery programs. These NGOs feel honored to be among the speakers in the opening of this policy day event for the health sector. In this particular gathering, NGOs views and recommendations emanate from experience of their programmes throughout the country and observations of the performance of the government in the governing and steering the health sector. Download Here

Honorable Ministers, this statement is made on behalf of Civil Society Organizations, working in the health sector at the national and local level on policy, advocacy and health delivery programs...Download File

Honorable Permanent Secretary (MoH), Deputy Permanent Secretary (PoRALG), Hon. Members of Parliament, Chief Medical Officer, UN agencies and Development Partners; ladies and gentleman, good morning. Download Here

Mara kwa mara, tumekuwa tukitoa matamko na mapendekezo ili kuboresha upatikanaji wa huduma za afya kwa wananchi, hususan dawa na vifaa tiba. Kwa ujumla, hali ya upatikanaji wa dawa nchini inaanza kuimarika ingawa bado kuna baadhi ya changamoto ambazo tuna imani zinaweza kushughulikiwa. Download Here

Honorable Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Hon. Members of Parliament, Chief Medical Officer, Troika Chair, UN country representatives, Development Partners; staff of the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children; President Office –Regional Administration Local Government, Presidents Office – Public Services Management, Representatives of the Private Sector, ladies and gentleman, good morning. Download Here

The Bill to enact a law to guide and regulate media services in Tanzania is scheduled for final reading and passage into law in the parliament towards the end of this week. Much as most stakeholders seem to welcome the law, there appears to be strong disagreement regarding as to when it should be passed. One side says it must be passed now and another asks for more time until February 2017. Download Here

Kwa takribani wiki mbili sasa kumekuwepo na majibizano kupitia vyombo vya habari baina ya Msemaji wa Serikali na Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Kudumu ya Bunge ya Huduma za jamii kwa upande mmoja; na wadau wa habari na vyombo vya habari kwa upande wa pili. Pakua Hapa


Last week, Sikika held general discussion with the Media on the critical shortage of essential health commodities afflicting the central Medical Stores Department (MSD). The media houses subsequently published accurate and informative news articles on the subject. Download Here