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The timely release of the national budget books to MPs and the general public is an imperative step in fostering openness, quality and efficiency of the budget. ACCORDING to article 96 of the Parliamentary Standing Orders of 2007, the budget estimates are to be provided to the Members of Parliament (MPs) at least 21 days before the budget session starts. Download Here

We would first like to congratulate the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) for the invaluable work of collecting comments and preparing the second draft of the constitution. Download Here

A total of 890 out of 2, 246 (equivalent to 39.6%) medical doctors in Tanzania are not practising clinical medicine. Also, only 964 out of the same total figure (equivalent to 42.9%) of graduate doctors were working full time in hospitals. Download Here

Jumla ya Madaktari 890 kati ya 2,246 (ambayo ni sawa na 39.6%) ya Madaktari wenye shahada nchini Tanzania hawafanyi kazi ya kitabibu badala yake wanafanya kazi zingine. Pakua Hapa

Honourable Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, honourable Members of Parliament, Chief Medical Officer, development partners, staff of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, PMO-RALG, PO-PSM, representatives of the private sector, ladies and gentleman, good morning. Download Here

THE Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC), a Coalition of more than 50 human rights organizations in collaboration with Media Owners Association of Tanzania (MOAT), Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC), Media Institute of Southern Africa. Download Here

unasikitishwa na tunalaani mwendelezo wa ukiukwaji wa maadili ya utumishi wa umma unaofanywa na baadhi ya watumishi wa afya. Hivi karibuni imeripotiwa na vyombo vya habari kwamba watumishi wawili wa afya katika zahanati ya Mwanhala wilayani Nzega wanatuhumiwa kuwataka kimapenzi wagonjwa. Taarifa hizo pia zilieleza kwamba mmoja wa watumishi hao amewahi kukutwa akifanya ‘mapenzi’ wodini na mgonjwa, nyakati za kazi. Download Here

A total of 920 out of 5079, equivalent to 18.1% of public health facilities are running out of Alu and Quinine stocks. The current data from the SMS for life website, the Ministry’s monitoring tool that gives actual information on the status of ALu and quinine in the public health facilities across Tanzania mainland, reveals. Download Here

Sikika commends the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs for uploading the budget books on its website on time. The recent availing of budget information on the Ministry’s website empowers citizens to follow the budget discussions and advise both the government and Members of Parliament (MPs) to address the citizens’ pressing needs. Download Here

Sikika hails the Minister of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW), Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, for coming clean that there is a shortage of ALu, the main drug used in the fight against malaria - in public health facilities across the country. Download Here


The main drug in the fight against malaria, commonly known as ALu or “Dawa Mseto”, has been reported as being unavailable in many public health facilities across the country. The Ministry of Health and the responsible vertical program – National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), have a state-of-the-art monitoring tool (“sms for life”) that gives them a clear picture on the current status of availability of ALu at each public facility within mainland Tanzania. Download Here

Sikika has been disturbed by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s statement to the public that there are sufficient anti-malarial drugs– “ALu“ at health facilities across the country, contrary to the reality on the ground where most of the public health facilities have an acute stock out of such medicine. Download Here