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The Board

Ms. Halima Sharif
Ms. Halima SharifChairperson
Director at AFP/JCCUP/ Accomplished Journalist
Irenei Kiria
Irenei KiriaSecretary
Sikika Director/ Public Health Specialist
Dr. Elihuruma Nangawe
Dr. Elihuruma Nangawe Member
Medical Doctor/ Public Health Specialist/ Chairperson TPHA.
Ms. Anna Baliyima
Ms. Anna Baliyima Member
Director, Niccian Consultants Ltd/ Accounts / Finance specialist.
Edward Furaha
Edward Furaha Member
Business & Economic specialist.
Ms. Pili Mtambalike
Ms. Pili MtambalikeMember
Media specialist.

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Our Mission is to enhance health and public finance systems through Social Accountability Monitoring and advocacy at all government levels.