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Public Finance Management Programme

Sikika Public Finance Management Department was founded in 2016. Our core mission is to promote good financial governance and practices through research in wide range of subjects such as tax policy, budget process, audit, public expenditure and in that way influence policy change in Tanzania.

We are doing evidence-based advocacy – we use research to influence policy change. Our advocacy strategy is based on presenting our research results and recommendations to the Tanzanian policymakers and improving its dissemination through distribution of effective messages such as policy briefs and media presentations as well as building long-term relationships with policymakers at national and district level and in that way raise awareness on issues in the sector and the need for change.

Revenue Collection

OUR main desired outcome is to see Improved forecasting, efficient and equitable collection of revenue. To achieve this objective Sikika in collaboration with MoFP, PO-PC, TRA and other likeminded organization, conducts assessments and reviews of the tax system’s policies, laws and guidelines.

The aim is to reduce tax exemptions, incentives, evasion and broadening the tax base to ensure sufficient and efficient revenue collection. Sikika also advocate for open and participatory process in preparations and reviews of Natural Resources Investment contracts.

Tanzania’s ability to collect domestic revenue is key for mobilizing sufficient resources to build infrastructure for sustained development and provide the necessary service delivery for its citizens. This requires an efficient Tax Administrative System and a strong tax culture. Tax System Report 2019

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Planning and Budgeting

We desire to see that Public finances are planned and utilized in a more efficient, effective and transparent manner. To achieve this department, assess the current situation of the Public Financial Management Reform Programme and analyse how effectively the technical capacity of MDAs, RSs and LGAs has been built with regard to various areas like cash management and accrual accounting, Results Based Budgeting System and Reduction of unnecessary expenditures.

Sikika works with policy makers including MoFP, PO-PC and PO-LARG to address the existing challenges in cash management. It works with oversight bodies including Parliamentary oversight bodies (PAC and LAAC), NAOT, PPRA and GPSA to oversee the government’s compliance with budget guidelines and create legal framework for timely access to budget documents.Sikika also monitors the progress of government in enforcing audit recommendations and holding responsible officials accountable.

Efficient utilization of public resources will play a key role in whether Tanzania is able to fulfil its vision 2025. Sikika looks at Tanzania’s implementation of expenditure control & cost reduction measures in recent years.

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Financial Control and Oversight

Sikika intends to see Improved adherence to financial controls and effective oversight. To achieve this programme assesses the effectiveness of financial controls by reviewing the application of regulations for internal audit and follow up with MoFP to remind the MDAs, RSs, LGAs, and parastatals to adhere to the existing guidelines and procedures for internal financial control.

Sikika works closely with the oversight bodies of the government especially CAG office; Internal Audit Unit of MDAs and LGAs, PAC, LAAC and Association of Local Government Authorities Tanzania (ALAT) to strategize on comply with the existing financial guidelines and procedures for effective financial control.

Adherence to effective controls & financial oversight is essential for ensuring that public resources are used to benefit the lives of Tanzanian Citizens. What role do the PAC & LAAC Parliamentary Committees play with regards to oversight? Financial Control and Oversight 2018

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Media and CSOs

Sikika aims at enabling Media and civil society to freely monitor debate and critique government performance on PFM and cases of mismanagement of funds reported by CAG. Sikika work in close collaboration with policy makers (MoFP, PO-RALG, MoJCA) and Members of the parliament to advocate on review of laws that can limit participation of Media, CSOs and citizens in monitoring PFM cases.

Sikika assesses gaps in various bills and Acts such as the NGO Act, Statistics Act, The Access to Information Act (ATI), The Media Services Act and The Cybercrimes Act to find the gaps or sections that hinder Access to information, Freedom of Expression, right to association and assembly.