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Health Programme

Medicines and Medical Supply

Sikika works to ensure availability and accessibility of quality medicines and medical supplies both at national and district levels. Sikika uses various forums (governmental and non-governmental) to advocate for equitable planning and budgeting for medicines and medical supplies, efficiency, transparency and accountability in the public procurement and distribution of the same. Our advocacy are evidence-based through research and surveys on monitoring medicines and medical supplies, dialogue and meetings with stakeholders to assess challenges that can be addressed through improved the efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the system.

Health Care Governance & Financing

Sikika aims to realize three broad objectives, namely increased budget efficiency, transparency as well as improved oversight function at both central and local level. To achieve these, a continuous engagement is done with key boundary partners – the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Prime Minister’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities and the Social Services Committee of the Parliament to influence changes in the above stated objectives. Sikika believes that improved budget transparency will increase the participation of citizens in the budget process and therefore increased ownership of the process. Improved efficiency in terms of allocation and use of resources in the health sector as well as proper oversight contribute to delivery of better and quality health services in the country.

Human Resource for Health

Sikika intends to see increased financial resources to combat the Human Resources for Health shortage, equitable distribution of health workers according to needs and workload and their further adherence to professional ethics. Sikika conducts researches on availability, recruitment, distribution, retention and adherence to professional ethics. We build capacity to citizens on community monitoring of health services delivery and how citizens can constructively engage in public dialogue with service providers. We also conduct consultative sessions with health service providers, policy makers, local government officials and members of parliament on issues regarding human resources for health. At national level, we coordinate with other actors through the Human Resources for Health Technical Working Group.