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Set regulations for the amended public procurement law – 11 August, 2016


Tanzania’s health systems must be improved to curb maternal mortality


The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has been advocating for safe motherhood through attendance at Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) clinics before, during and after deliveries, as well as delivery with skilled health care providers, the ultimate goal being to achieve the MDG 5 targets. Read more…

MAHINDI: Volunteer doctors from abroad okay, but…


Our government must invest more in our doctors because it costs up to Sh5 million to keep one foreign volunteer doctor–as a host country Read more…

Tanzania yet to fully embrace openness

Even though Tanzania is a member of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) — a voluntary, multi- stakeholder international initiative seeking to secure concrete commitments from governments to their citizenry to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and harness new technologies to strengthen governance — since September 2011, it still has a long way to go to fully embrace the initiative.  Read more…

Government must ensure availability of safe blood in hospitals

In Summary

Severe bleeding is one of the factors leading to maternal death which can be prevented by ensuring the availability, safety and accessibility of blood for transfusion. Read more…

Kifungo cha Shirika la Sikika wilayani Kondoa: Agosti 28, 2014

Kifungo cha Shirika la Sikika wilayani Kondoa…Read more…

Sikika yagawa madiwani Kondoa: Agosti 27, 2014

Sikika yagawa madiwani Kondoa…Read more…

DC Kondoa ajitosa sakata la Sikika: Agosti 23, 2014

DC Kondoa ajitosa sakata la Sikika…Read more…

Wananchi Kondoa waililia Sikika: 21 Agosti, 2014

WANANACHI wa vijiji mbalimbali wilayani hapa, wamepinga uamuzi wa Baraza la Madiwani la Halmashauri ya Kondoa kulizuia Shirika la Sikika kuendesha shughuli zake wilayani hapa…Read more…

Madiwani Kondoa na Udikteta wa Kulifungia Sikika: 15 Agosti 2015

Madiwani Kondoa na Udikteta wa Kulifungia Sikika….Read more…

Kondoa move to gag Sikika only serves embezzlers: 6 August 2014

Kondoa move to gag Sikika only serves embezzlers…Read more…

Sikika imefungiwa Kondoa kulinda ufisadi. Gazeti la Mawio Agosti 14, 2014

MAAMUZI ya ‘kuinyonga’ asasi ya SIKIKA, shirika lisilo la kiserikali linaloshughulikia uchambuzi wa sera na bajeti za nyanja ya afya, yamefanyika ili kulinda ufisadi unaofanyika katika…Read more…

Expectant mother in Kondoa escapes death!

To date, Asia Aboubakar is still fighting back tears when she narrates about how her life and that of her son was saved by Kondoa SAM (Social Accountability Monitoring) team members. Mama SAM article

Acute shortage and stock-out of medicines: Sunday 09 June, 2013

Most illnesses, especially infectious diseases, are either preventable or treatable. To achieve this, essential drugs and medical supplies should be available all the time at health facilities and at affordable price.

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Wanaotaka CAG ang’olewe wanajua Katiba? Gazeti la MZALENDO: Aprili 21, 2013

WIKI iliyopita, Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali (CAG), Ludovick Utouh, aliwasilisha Bungeni ripoti ya ukaguzi kwa mwaka wa fedha wa 2011/2012.

Uwasilishaji huo ulifanyika kutokana na mamlaka aliyo nayo kwa mujibu wa Katiba ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, kuwa baada ya kukamilisha kazi hiyo ataipeleka kwa Rais na baadaye Bungeni.

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Selikali inafukuza wataalamu ili iweje Juai 11, 2012

Use of abusive language to patients counterproductive – August 2010

Doctors, nurses urged to avoid abusive language – July 2010

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NGO:Government can stop ghost workers – July 2010

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No need for further Budget debate: NGO – June 2010

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Wasomi wataka bajeti ya tabasamu – June 2010

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MPs decry delays in getting budget documents – June 2010

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Don’t misuse free mosquito nets, Sikika urges public – June 2010

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Staff transfers at Mwananyamala hospital: Wrong solution- April 2010

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Tupambane kutokomeza TB-Machi 2010

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Sheria ya afya ya akili iwalinde walengwa- November 2009

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Tatizo la hospitali ya Amana lishughulikiwe-October 2009

Constituency fund an avenue for corruption – July 2009

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Kauli ya Youth Action Volunteers juu ya kifo cha mama mjamzito Mwananyamala Hospitali-June 2008

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Mengi yaanza kujidhihiri mgogoro wa THI, shirika la NSSF – July 2008

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Taarifa gani ni siri katika Idara ya afya wilayani – July 22,2008

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MoHSW Should Provide Accurate Information on Counterfeit ARVs:Published by The Citizen on Sunday 04 May, 2013

Sikika was shocked to find out that almost 5, 358 people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) in Dodoma who were on Anti Retro-viral Treatment (ARVs), had stopped taking the drugs.

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