Sikika’s 2016 – 2020 Baseline survey

The purpose of the baseline study is to determine the status of targeted results to inform the new developed Sikika strategic plan 2016-20 targets and planned outcomes. The Result Framework matrices contain overall programs development goal, objectives, planned outcomes and performance indicators.

The programs have seven objectives which integrate gender and HI/AIDS. The following are the specified programs objectives;

  1. 1.     Health Governance Program specific objectives

–        Increased per capita health spending and pro-poor financial

–        Public health facilities are adequately staffed and professionally operated

–        Improved availability and accessibility of health commodities

  1. 2.     Public Finance Governance specific objectives

–        Improved forecasting and equitable collection of revenues

–        Public finances are planned and utilized in a more effective, efficient and transparent manner

–        Improved adherence to financial controls and effective oversight

–        Media and CSOs freely monitor, debate and critique government performance on PFM and cases of mismanagement of funds reported by the Controller and Auditor General(CSG)

The required information and data will be collected from the identified key stakeholders/boundary partners of the two programs. While conducting this study gender equality issues will be taken into consideration given the fact that the marginalised groups (i.e. PLHIV, women and elders) will be sampled. The study also will ensure SMART (S-specific, M-measurable, A-appropriate, R-Realistic and T-time bound) key performance indicators that will be used in monitoring and evaluating the performance of the programmes.

The findings will be used to benchmark starting points of the strategy as well as targets that will be aimed at in the program’s implementation. The measured performance indicators in the Result Framework matrices will later be used to track progress toward achievement of outcomes and objectives.

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