Sikika Conducts SAM in Five Districts

Since October 2012, Sikika has been implementing Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) in five districts of Kondoa, Kiteto, Mpwapwa, Singida and Iramba.

The objective of this activity was to promote social accountability within the health sector and sensitize citizensto demand for justification, explanation and take corrective action where public resources have not been utilized effectively, efficiently.

Through SAM implementation, Sikika experienced various immediate outcomes. Some of the Councilors did not only acknowledge the importance of SAM, but also used SAM skills to initiate accountability processes. In Kiteto for example, Full Council made a resolution that formed a special committee to hold field visit to verify issues raised by SAM team and the committee confirmed the issues were genuine.

DSC05460In Kondoa, Councilors directed the District Executive Director to call for extra ordinary Full Council to discuss SAM report. In Mpwapwa, a SAM team member who is a councilor initiated private motion against the LGA for its failure to address decisions made by full council to use available CHF to repair four ambulances, which have been grounded for the past six months causing gap in emergency health services.

Moreover, citizens gained confidence of SAM findings during public dialogue and they have started being active in demanding for accountability For example, during a community meeting organized by Hon (Ms) Zubein Mhita in Kondoa North, citizens asked him to answer issues raised by the SAM team during public hearing before they could proceed with the meeting. Because the MP did not attend the hearing, he failed to answer the questions

The exercise was made possible through SAM teams which comprised of 16-18 people who represented citizens (5), Full Council (2), CSOs (3-4), WEOs (1), LGA (1), Religious leaders (1), PLHIV (1-2), groups with special needs (1) and opinion leaders (1).

With the support of District Commissioners, we plan to continue implementing SAM as we believe the exercise will go a long in making citizens realize their rights and hold their leaders accountable.

We would like to thank all District Commissioners who supported us during the exercise. These include: Mr Christopher Kangoye (Mpwapwa), Mr Omar Kwaang (Kondoa), Ms Queen Mlozi and Mr. Msambya (Singida) Hon. Martha Umbula (MP) (Kiteto), and Mr Yahaya Nawanda (Iramba).

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