Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Vision

  • Quality health services for all.

Our Mission

  • To enhance health and public finance systems through Social Accountability Monitoring and advocacy at all government levels.

Our Objectives

Sikika aims at achieving the following broader objectives:

Health Governance: 

  1. Increased per capita health spending, pro-poor financial protection and improved financial management at facility level
  2. Public health facilities are properly governed, adequately staffed and professionally operated
  3. Improved availability and accessibility of health commodities

Public Finance Governance:

  1. Improved forecasting and efficient, equitable collection of revenues
  2. Public finances are being utilised in a more effective, efficient and transparent manner
  3. Improved adherence to financial controls and effective oversight
  4. Media and civil society freely monitors, debates and critiques government performance on PFM and cases of mismanagement of funds reported by the CAG


  1. Social Accountability Monitoring
  2. Research (Policy analysis, Budget Analysis, Performance Monitoring)
  3. Media Outreach
  4. Dialogue & Networking 



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