Planning and Budgeting

We desire to see that Public finances are planned and utilized in a more efficient, effective and transparent manner. To achieve this department assess the current situation of the Public Financial Management  Reform Programme and analyse how effectively the technical capacity of MDAs, RSs and LGAs has been built with regard to various areas like cash management and accrual accounting, Results Based Budgeting System and Reduction of unnecessary expenditures.

Sikika works with policy makers including MoFP, PO-PC and PO-LARG to address the existing challenges in cash management. It works with oversight bodies including Parliamentary oversight bodies (PAC and LAAC), NAOT, PPRA and GPSA to oversee the government’s compliance with budget guidelines and create legal framework for timely access to budget documents.

Sikika also monitors the progress of government in enforcing audit recommendations and holding responsible officials accountable.