Government should intensify war on ghost workers – July 2010

The media is awash with reports about 2,924 ghost workers who have been milking from the
government and finally, have been removed from the payroll system. In fact, the government
incurred a loss of Tsh7 billion during 2008/9 financial year from these ghost workers.

According to the reports, the Minister of State in Prime Minister’s office (Policy, Coordination
and Parliamentary affairs), Mr Phillip Marmo said that an appraisal was conducted in the
education sector in 2007 and found a total of 1,413 ghost workers. In another review that was
done for the health sector in 2008, found 1,511 ghost workers.

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) on the health sector for the year that ended in June
2009 indicates that a sum of Tsh 77,707,817 was paid to retirees, deceased and absconded
employees, which is unpractical and may result into nugatory expenditure of public funds. The
report from the prior financial year (2008) also indicates that there were salaries adding to Tsh
325,574,300 paid to retired, absconders and deceased and chances of recovery are remote.

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