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Health Sector Budget Analysis: For fiscal year 2017/2018

This brief report provides a brief analysis of the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) budgets of the financial years 2016/17 and budget estimates of 2017/18 considering key objectives of the ministry. Further, this brief analysis provides a general review of MOHCDGEC’s budget for the past five years. The objective of this brief is to present a summary analysis of the MOHCDGEC’s budget to health sector’s stakeholders for advocacy. This brief is being shared with members of the parliament, media houses, Public and various Health service providers. Read more

Health Sector Budget Analysis: For Fiscal Year 2015/2016

A health sector budget analysis was conducted looking at the government’s fiscal priorities and financial estimates for the fiscal year 2015/16. Information was gathered from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s memorandum and the budget books volume II, III and IV. The government has allocated 8.1% of the total budget to health, which falls short of the Abuja target of 15%. With such severe funding shortages, it is unlikely that the government is able to achieve its goals in important areas such as human resources for health, HIV/AIDS and medicines and medical supplies. Sikika recommends expediting the planned introduction of mandatory health insurance, which will help to reduce the funding gap.  Read more…

Uchanganuzi wa Bajeti ya Sekta ya Afya: Kwa Mwaka wa Fedha 2015/2016

 Uchanganuzi wa bajeti ya sekta ya afya ulifanyika kwa kuangalia vipaumbele vya serikali kifedha na makadirio ya fedha kwa mwaka wa fedha 2015/16. Taarifa zilikusanywa kutoka katika Ripoti za Wizara ya Afya na Ustawi wa Jamii (Randama) na vitabu vya bajeti juzuu ya II, III na IV. Serikali imetenga 8.1% ya jumla ya bajeti ya afya, ambayo ni pungufu ya lengo la Abuja la 15%. Kwa upungufu huo mkubwa wa fedha, hakuna uwezekano wa serikali kufikia malengo yake katika maeneo muhimu kama vile rasilimali watu kwa ajili ya afya, VVU/UKIMWI na dawa na vifaa tiba. Sikika inapendekeza kuharakisha kuanzishwa kwa bima ya afya ya lazima kwa wote, ambayo itasaidia kupunguza pengo la fedha. Read more…


Transparency is vital for an effective and accountable government, especially at the local government level. It engenders the trust of citizens who demand services, as well as increasing the accountability of civil servants and local government officials. Read more…

Sikika in the news 2014




Sikika has been engaging in sharing public advocacy massages and information through print media by sharing press releases, statements and through written articles. The aim is to inform Tanzanians about health policy and governance issues, as well as urging the citizens to take action by demanding their right to quality health services.Read more…

Ilani ya Uchambuzi wa baadhi ya vyama vya Siasa (2010-2015)

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.25.37 AMSikika ilifanya uchambuzi wa ilani za vyama vinne vya siasa za mwaka 2010 -2015 ili kufikia malengo makuu mawili. Kwanza, kubaini ahadi za vyama vya siasa kuwafikishia wananchi huduma za afya katika maeneo manne muhimu ambayo ni utawala bora, usimamizi wa fedha na rasilimali watu – afya, dawa, vifaa tiba na huduma za UKIMWI na Virusi vya UKIMWI (VVU) kupitia ilani zao.


CCM MP Luhaga Mpina’s Private Motion on Rampant Corruption in the government

IN accordance with section 28(8), may I now table my private motion regarding the government’s recurrent expenditure that exceeds internal revenue that has led to the increment in the national debt. Download..

Budget Transparency and Participation at Local Government Level in Tanzania

Transparency and participation in the budget process are important strategies for sustainable development. To play an active role in the realization of their basic rights, citizens need to have access to information and opportunities to hold local authorities accountable for the delivery of public services. Read more…

Mpina’s Speech on Unnecessary Expenditures

UFISADI uliokithiri na alichokisema mbunge wa CCM Luhaga Mpina juu ya ufisadi wa kutisha serikalini Read more…

Expectant mother in Kondoa escapes death!

To date, Asia Aboubakar is still fighting back tears when she narrates about how her life and that of her son was saved by Kondoa SAM (Social Accountability Monitoring) team members. Mama SAM article

Haki ya Afya Tanzania

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.03.56 PM


Uchambuzi wa Sikika kuhusu Rasimu ya Pili ya Katiba mpya. Waraka huu unawasilisha maoni ya Sikika juu ya vipengele vya sheria vilivyomo na visivyokuwemo kuhusiana na haki ya afya. Tunawakaribisha wadau wote kuunga mkono mchakato huu katika kushauriana na kujadili…


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The Right to Health in Tanzania

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.46.41 AM


Tanzania is a country that has experienced continuous economic growth during the past years. But despite increasing tax revenues, the Government struggles to ensure availability and equal access to health facilities, essential goods and services for all of its citizens….


Read more…


THIS document presents Sikika’s views on existing and non-existing legal provisions on the Right to Health. We invite all interested parties to join in the process of consultation and debate…

Read more…

Tanzanian Health Sector Budget analysis 2005/06 – 2011/12

TANZANIA  and other African countries ratified the Abuja Declaration (2001), which requires the signatories to allocate 15 percent of the total government budget towards the health sector…

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The MoHSW’s Budget Proposal 2013 – 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 2.38.58 PM


In the fiscal year 2013/14, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare plans to spend TSH 748.3 billion (bn). This is an increase of TSH 172 billion (+30%) compared to the previous fiscal year’s approved budget of THS 576 bn

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Unnecessary Expenditures:2009/10–2013/14

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 2.33.42 PM



To get the chronically under- funded health system on its feet, unnecessary spending needs to be curbed by ensuring prudential costing of all budget activities.

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Kiteto demands accountability on health issues 13, October 2012

A local Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) team in Kiteto district, revealed some shocking findings affecting the welfare of Tanzanians in 16 health facilities visited recently.

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Failure to att ain Abuja Declarati on, Equity and Allowances in the Ministry of Health, March 2012

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A Decade of Abuja Declarati on The Abuja Declarati on and Framework of Acti on were signed by the African heads of states, including Tanzania, in April 2001. They aimed at managing, mitigating and reversing the health epidemics (HIV/ AIDS, TB and Malaria) in Africa.

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Failure to attain Abuja Declaration, Equity and Allowances in the Ministry of Health

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 11.33.38 AM

The Abuja Declaration and Framework of Action were signed by the African heads of states, including Tanzania, in April 2001. They aimed at managing, mitigating and reversing the health epidemics (HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria) in Africa.


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The Ineffectiveness of Complaints Mechanism in the Tanzanian Health Sector

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.48.10 PM

In this policy brief, complaint is broadly – an expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of service provided by the Government in the public health facilities and therefore the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of complaint mechanism refers to ways through which citi zens communicate their complaints and how complaints are being addressed to improve the services.

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MoFEA unnecessary Expenditures

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Health Newspaper analysis Jan -Nov 2010

Since 2008 Sikika has been doing analysis on the health governance news reported in the local newspapers. The aim of this activity is to assess the viability of the media houses to report on issues relating to social accountability.

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Statistics on Unnecessary Expenditures Sept 2010

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Unnecessary expenditure brief vol 2, July 2010

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 2.55.10 PM


The provision of primary services is a great challenge in Tanzania since financial resources are scarce. Nevertheless, most people agree that the government’s budget allocation and execution is inefficient.

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Allowances, Seminars, Vehicles and Travel April 2010

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The efficient and effective allocation and use of public resources is a prerequisite to good governance. Good allocation of resources can lead to better delivery of services, while misallocation of resources ultimately leads to poor provision of services.

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Who’s Taking Care of Our Health? March 2010

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 3.06.50 PM

To achieve equitable health services for all, citizens depend on their public representatives and public bodies. Members of Parliament (MPs) and the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) have a key role in ensuring that public funds are used to deliver public services equitably and efficiently.

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Health Newspaper analysis July-Sept 2009

In a three-month period of July to September 2009, a total of 510 health-related articles from the major daily and weekly newspapers (Mwananchi, Mtanzania, Tanzania Daima, Daily News, Habari Leo, The Citizen, This Day, The Guardian, Sunday citizen, Sunday news, Kulikoni, Nipashe and Raia Mwema) were cut and analysed.

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Abstract of the Assessment of Effectiveness of Oversight bodies – 2010

The report considered the assessment of the responsiveness of the Ministry of
Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) to oversight bodies such as the Controller and Auditor General (CAG), and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Services. It considered the oversight role of National Assembly itself more

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Abstract of budget analysis for HIV/AIDS – 2009-2010

Kwa kupitia nyaraka mbalimbali zilizoandaliwa na serikali, uchambuzi huu
unalenga kuangalia mgawanyo wa fedha za UKIMWI kwa mwaka 2009/2010 ili kuwataarifu wadau mbalimbali kuhusu mwelekeo wa taifa katika juhudu zake za kupambana na suala mtambuka la UKIMWI

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Abstract of budget for health sector – 2009/2010

Sekta ya afya ni moja kati ya sekta kuu muhimu nchini ambayo huchangia kwa kiasi kikubwa katika maendeleo ya jamii, kwani taifa isiyokuwa na nguvu kazi yenye afya bora haliwezi kuendelea.

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Abstract of CCHP Review report -2008/2009

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Rasimu ya upembuzi wa bajeti ya sekta ya afya – 2009/2010

Baadhi ya viashiria vya makisio ya hali ya uchumi na malengo ya kisera kwa
mwaka 2009/10-2011/12 (BG) yanalenga kufikia pato halisi la taifa kwa asilimia 7.0 katka mwaka 2009, 7.3% katika mwaka 2010 na 7.5% katika mwaka 2012.

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Upembuzi wa bajeti ya sekta ya afya-2008/2009

Bajeti ya sekta ya afya inachangiwa na fedha kutoka ndani na nje ya nchi. Hapa vipo vyanzo vya ndani (mapato kutokana na kodi, gawio kwa hisa za serikali katika mashirika na makampuni, faini, faida za riba nk) na fedha za nje kupitia katika msaada kwenye bajeti (GBS)

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Health Newspaper analysis – 2008

During 2008 a total number of 1686 health-related articles were documented from the major daily and weekly newspapers, including: Mwananchi, Mtanzania, Tanzania Daima, Daily

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Health Newspaper analysis – January- March 2009

During the period January to March 2009 a total of 594 health-related articles were documented from the major daily and weekly newspapers, including: Mwananchi, Mtanzania, Tanzania Daima, Daily News, Habari Leo, The Citizen, and This Day…

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Health Newspaper analysis – April – June 2009

In a three-month period of April 1st to June 30th 2009, a total number of 572 health related articles from the major daily and weekly newspapers (Mwananchi, Mtanzania,Tanzania Daima, Daily News, Habari Leo, The Citizen, This Day, The Guardian,Sunday citizen, Kulikoni, Nipashe and Raia Mwema) were cut and documented.

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CCHP Review report – 2008/2009

The government of the United Republic of Tanzania has been continuously applying Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) in its process of health sector reform. Much decentralization of health services has taken place, with substantial delegation of responsibilities for service delivery to local government authorities, that is, Decentralization by Devolution (D by D)…

CCHP Review report – 2007/2008

Since 1990s onwards Tanzania re-examined its approach towards the Health Sector and initiated the development of Health sector Reforms which aimed at addressing the structural problems with the Health system itself.

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Review of CAG report for Temeke, Kinondoni and Ilala Municipal Councils and Kibaha District Council-2007/2008

Cluster III of the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGR)–know in Kiswahili as MKUKUTA (Mkakati wa Kukuza Uchumi na Kupunguza Umaskini Tanzania)– recognises good governance and accountability as key ingredients in boosting economic growth and poverty reduction in Tanzania.

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Matokeo ya mikutano yetu na wabunge – 2006/2007

Youth Action Volunteers kwa kupitia kikundi cha Usawa katika Afya tumeweza kukutana na wabunge hasa wale wa kamati ya huduma za jamii. Kwa mwaka 2005 tumeweza kukutana nao mara mbili, wakati kwa mwaka 2006 tumekutana nao mara tatu na mara tatu tena kwa mwaka wa 2007.

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